Ethiopia Child Survival Project - Essential Services for Health in Ethiopia (ESHE) (2003-2008)

Center for Family Health. The ESHE project, funded by USAID, aimed to increase the survival rates of young children in Ethiopia through improved vaccination and nutritional supplementation. In addition to increasing the number of fully vaccinated children, the program provided training in the essential nutrition actions. The team designed and implemented, in close collaboration with the government and local partners, an integrated and coordinated program of child survival and health sector reform interventions that contributed to strengthened health policies at the federal level and improved health services in the three focus regions. The ESHE project supported Health Extension Workers and Community Health Promoters to reach an estimated 6.5 million direct beneficiaries. FHI 360 was the subcontractor for behavior change communication and community mobilization and advocacy.

Health Areas
Child Survival, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Infectious Diseases, Nutrition and Food Security.

Behavior Change Strategies or Processes
Advocacy / Policy Change, Behavior Change Communication.

Project Director
Jill Randell

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