PREVENT launches H1N1 Vaccination Campaign Using Mobile Phone Technology
Posted on March 23, 2011

Working in collaboration with Philippines Ministry of Health, FHI 360 utilized mobile phone technology to monitor the implementation of the Philippines H1N1 vaccination campaign. Mobile phone penetration is over 80% in Philippines and even higher among the health care workers (HCW’s) who participated in the panel. The HCW’s were highly committed and cooperative participants, not surprising since mobile phones are now an integral part of their personal and professional lives. Through the mobile platform, FHI 360 was able to provide near-real time feedback of key monitoring indicators from over 40 clinics throughout the metro manila area. The real-time and longitudinal nature of the data means that program planners can use the data to correct implementation issues during rollout rather than the more typical “lessons learned” which can only benefit later programs. The technology is simple and rapid: following a short training session, an SMS notice was sent to participants’ phones, and they provided their field-based observations on a regular, weekly basis. Data was quickly quality checked and sent to a client “dashboard” for near real-time analysis and used to determine communication needs to further campaign activities. In future, FHI 360 plans to use the methodology among other “front-line” audiences such as village leaders, health workers, veterinarians and others to provide managers with rapid real-time feedback and monitoring of field implementation issues.

Available Downloads

H1N1 Vaccination SMS Monitor Wave Reports (717 kb)

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