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Common Symptoms You Should Consult an Orthopedic Hip Surgeon

It could be your hip stiffness or pain that gives you the reason to believe you need hip surgery. There are, however, many signs that can be an indication that you need hip surgery. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, then it is time to consult an orthopedic hip surgeon.

Pain Interfering with Daily Functioning

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Daily functioning may include climbing stairs, walking, and getting out of the bathtubs and chairs. The pain has to be recurring and persistent over an extended period. An occasional bout of your hip can be normal, but you need to see a doctor if the pain is long-term and severe that compromises your daily routine. You do not want debilitating pain to lead to extended depression and inactivity.

Morning Stiffness for More than an Hour

Stiffness which persist for 45 minutes or more may be an indication of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic condition which affects the small joints in the feet and hands. Since there is no cure for this condition, surgery may not be a viable solution. If you, however, believe you have this condition, you need to consult your primary care physician to learn about the treatment options.

Use of Walking Aids No Longer Helping

If you have been using injections or medication to treat stiffness and pain, or have been using a walker, then a hip replacement may be the last resort for hip stiffness and pain. Doctors do anything they can to delay surgery as long as possible in favor of other treatments. When, however, these treatments fail, it may be time to consider orthopedic hip surgery.

Swollen or Stiff Hip

You may have seen your hip swollen or experience stiffness for days without relief. There are various common conditions like bursitis which can include swelling and stiffness that do not require surgery. However, if the pain is severe, then it is wise to have an orthopedic hip surgeon check it out.hip pain

Difficulty Laying Down or Sitting Extensively

If you find it difficult to watch a movie in a single stretch or sit in a car for more than half an hour or trouble sleeping due to severe pain, then it is time to speak to an orthopedic surgeon. They will help you learn about the solutions available to you.

A joint breakdown is another key indication that you need to see an orthopedic hip surgeon. If you are considering orthopedic hip surgery, then you should read to learn if you are a good candidate for hip surgery. These are some of the symptoms that you need to see a hip surgeon. Haleem Chaudhary is one of the leading orthopedic surgeons and will offer your the best hip surgery.